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Our constant efforts for improvement, appetite for growth, and commitment to quality has led us to adopt latest manufacturing equipments and advanced quality control system. The ISO 9001:2008 certification awarded to our company provides a testimony for the same.

Our design engineers have developed a unique system to overcome failure modes common to small, medium and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. We have done it by combining advanced seal materials with the most progressive seal profiles. We have successfully developed many hydraulic seals equivalent to international manufacturers. There performance has been very much appreciated by our customers.

Best Foot Forward

Ultimate Browsers SupportWe have always strived in providing you the best quality of equipments and services. Our equipments and products are verified before delivering.

Sales / Support

Great Docs and SupportOur sales and customer service team is on hand to hand to provide information on our complete products range.

Safety of our Employes

Native RTL SupportNothing is more important to our company than the safety of our employees. We constantly improve the safety.

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